AXE Deodorant Ice Chill 150 ml

AXE Deodorant Ice Chill 150 ml
Manufacturer: AXE
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AXE Ice Chill 150ml is a product designed to help individuals maintain dryness in their underarms and reduce odor caused by sweat. The antiperspirant contains an effective formula that works to prevent the buildup of bacteria that causes body odor, and it also contains ingredients that absorb sweat and maintain skin dryness.

The product comes in a 150ml size and is characterized by a gentle formula that is suitable for daily use. It can be used on the underarms and any other area that requires protection from sweat and odor.

AXE Ice Chill has a fresh scent that is suitable for both genders, and it leaves the underarm skin soft and dry after use. It can be used at any time during the day to maintain underarm dryness and prevent body odor.